Comments: This is one of the last breedings done with Chocolate Buck before he was shipped to China. Beauty II's littermates Mr.Yellowbuck and Mr. Redbuck were shipped overseas as well. Muchobuck (Doc Holiday) was hard tested in Georgia and is now back in the Lone Star State.  He is 42% Buck and is a 5 year old stud dog with NO HARDWARE. Superbuck threw great dogs in the midwest and Western PA. Gentleman, this is a great addition to the yard. Breed to mayday bitches with eyes closed. 

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SK's Doc Holiday Click on Picture for Pedigree


Comments: Mr.Machobuck has already sired a champion and multiple conformation winners.He is the closest thing to breeding to Machobuck on the planet. His DNA PROFILE proves it. Silverbelle is one of the most athletic bitches that we own. We bred her to Haunchday the first day around, this time we chose to go on the Buck side. This is an excellent cross that encompasses the tightest buck with the best Hammer - Hollingsworth blood to be found. This breeding id 50% Bolio-Tombstone and 50% Redboy-Jocko just the way we like it. This  female is the future of my kennel

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Comments:Thank you E for this fine gyp. We may take her to some frozen semen to recreate Mike D's Lady Charge . 1/2 Redboyjocko-Bolio Tombstone and half of the best Boyles blood to be found. We will breed to Mr.Machobuck first.


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Comments:   On top she is King of Hearts , who is littermate to Vella, King of Spades , and himself was impressive in his win. Inbred heavy on Buck to Queen of Hearts bred to more of the same with a touch of Redboy-Jocko and Bullshit blood to keep a low inbreeding coefficient. Her pedigree is very similar to the Lady Charge dog. his bitch will be bred to Mr.Machobuck and Machobear II . These will be the dogs of tomorrow.

66.5% Boyles, 23% Redboy-Jocko, 12.5% Bullshit-Tonka

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Lady Black Charge

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People want heavy Buck blood, here it is. Machobuck, Miss Superbuck, Mr.Superbuck, all the sons of 357 in one pedigree. No outs. NO TIREKICKERS. NOT CHEAP. Bred March 26 & 28 of 2015

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Doc X Bella

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